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Let me talk you out of the bed. I'll be gentle, like the birds chirps in the morning. I'll be passive agressive so when you blame for waking you early and making it impossible for you to sleep again I'll still have a chance to deny it.
I'm still a little doubtful about whether I want to know why your eyes are teary; right now is half an hour after a shared night so the posibilities are infinite.
Your fox like gaze is still tired, almost gone and I'm surprised you haven't growled at me yet. You smell terrible and holding you will be hell on earth but it'll also be holding you...
My hermit heart doesn't know how to text back so that's why I'm here wasting my morning in the smell of your vomit because I can't see you at all through the cellphone.
And like that we flow, you get mad at me, I pretend I care more than you do, I never reach back and your permanent grip in mu throat is enough for both of us and last for days.
You aren't even hangover, you're just ashamed of destroying whats left of your weak moreal, as fragil as your promises (they compliment each other by default).
But here I am wasting my morning in your excuses, whispered to yourself, you're the only one who can be fooled by that.
And I almost slept through the alarm, but the image of your tumbling feet steping on someone else's shoes burned behind my eyelids until I couldn't close them anymore. You can only look drunk when I'm the one saving you.
Still I won't let them call you a slut because you're not and I won't let them call me a good soul because I'm not. I don't have the mind to get jealous, or upset, I can't put a storm on a leash, I can't blow a fire with just my breathe, I can't make you stay with just my being.
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